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 +There are a lot of advantages to publishing your professional press releases online; the biggest is that you have the chance to build some honest targeted traffic for what you have to offer while simultaneously building your brand and generating good backlinks that can help you get better search engine rankings. Of course the fact is that not all Internet Marketers can make press releases work for them and there are lots of reasons for this. In this article we are going to look at a few things that you can do to help ensure that your press release is a success.
 +In order to find success with your press release, you need to focus on some of the vital elements such as the headline. If the press release you write doesn't have a good headline then your audience isn't going to want to read it. The level of exposure that you get with your press release is completely dependent upon how well you can reach out to your target audience and impact them. Take a look around and see what sort of headlines are adorning the other press releases and craft yours while keeping what you've read in mind and trying to keep your primary message at the forefront of the people who will be reading it. Learn to be okay with headline experimentation and try new things. Look at this example of an [[http://www.prweb.com/releases/OhioPersonalInjuryLawyer/OhioWrongfulDeathLawyer/prweb10564222.htm|experienced  Ohio personal injury attorney]] implementing a press release to acknowledge a new staff member. If you want to email your press release to someone (like a journalist) it's best to send it in the middle of the week. If you send it on a Friday you won't have much of a chance of the email being opened and read because most of your recipients are getting ready for the weekend. If you send it on Monday, most people are recovering from their weekends and that is why the days in the middle of the week (except, obviously, for the weekends), are better when you mail your releases.
 +Ask yourself over and over again whether or not your target audience is going to be able to relate to the content of your release and whether or not they will feel a connection to it. It is very important that your readers feel a connection to your press releases because if they don't, they won't feel complete and that's not good. Take out some time to go through the content idea of your press release with a fresh mind and see if this factor is missing. When you think that the "connection" is missing from your press release it is important to work on it to help implement it some more. 
 +You need to make sure that you have a quality press release when you want to publish it online and not just a glorified sales pitch. Your primary goal with your press releases is to educate and inform your target market, not to confuse them. The platform that the Internet provides you, the kind of reach that you can have with it, will work in your favor if you get the basics of your press release publishing and distribution right. There are loads of opportunities just waiting for you to explore when it comes to press release marketing - you simply need to know how to tap into them.
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